Beximco Pharma commences exports to Papua New Guinea

Date: May 26, 2007



Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (BPL), the largest pharmaceutical exporter in Bangladesh, has started supplying medicines to Papua New Guinea, one of the five LDCs of Oceania, a company statement said today (May 26, Saturday). BPL Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Nazmul Hassan said, “Commencing export to Papua New Guinea is a part of the company strategy to extend its presence in the LDCs. It is worth mentioning that, Papua New Guinea is the 7th LDC after Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, Cambodia, Rwanda and Somalia that BPL has successfully exported its medicine. I am very much optimistic that, entering Papua New Guinea will steer BPL’s growth in the region.”

According to the Doha Declaration of WTO/TRIPs agreement all the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) are exempted from Pharmaceutical Patent until 2016. In line with this all the LDCs can legally manufacture patented products and export them to other LDCs.

Certainly this declaration has opened a wide horizon of export opportunities for Bangladesh and Beximco Pharma, with an excellent reputation in the international markets and an extensive experience in pharmaceutical export, has been playing a pioneering role in utilising this opportunity.