Beximco Pharma launches 2 new drugs

-- August 27, 2005

Leading drug manufacturer Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd has launched two new drugs for heart and skin patients.

One of the drugs, Ezeta, lowers the level of cholesterol in blood of heart patients by blocking the absorption of cholesterol including dietary cholesterol.

Ezeta is a preparation of Ezetimibe, which is one of the most prescribed drugs for controlling bad cholesterol by the cardiologists worldwide. Ezetimibe got approval from United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) in October 2002.

Most doctors believe Ezeta will be helpful for heart patients in Bangladesh where the prevalence of cardiac diseases including heart failure is increasing by the day.

Each packet contains 20 Ezeta tablets priced at Tk 10 apiece.

The company also launched Exovate N, a combination of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents to fight against all types of skin disorders.

Doctors say sometimes skin infections become so complicated that it is very difficult to diagnose whether it is a fungal or bacterial infection.

“A unique combination of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal therapy like Exovate N will be useful to treat these complex skin disorders,” viewed a skin specialist.

Exovate N is available in a 25gm pack at Tk 75.



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  • Include early childhood development programs (ECD), special schooling, therapeutic interventions, medical and neuro-developmental assessment, leisure time and co-curricular activities, training for the teachers, parents and integrated services

Other CSR Initiatives

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  • Charity contributions through the Gono Sahajjo Songstha (GSS) for the educational sector for the unprivileged
  • Free drugs during natural calamities and distribution of clothing during winter
  • As part of BEXIMCO Group’s focus on society development, Fazlur Rahman Foundation has established a project called "FRF Diagnostic Centre". The project provides health screening services for Beximco Pharmaceuticals and Beximco Antibiotics Industries employees.
  • Sponsoring events and national sport stars and teams
  • Official sponsor of the Bangladesh National Cricket team for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011
  • Official sponsor of the FIFA friendly match between Argentina and Nigeria held in September, 2011